Park Hyung Sik And More Confirmed For Upcoming Apocalyptic K-Drama—His First Project Since Discharge

Park Hyung Sik is back in action!

Park Hyung SikHan Hyo Joo, and Jo Woo Jin have finally been confirmed to star together in the upcoming tvN thriller Happiness!

Happiness [working title] is an apocalyptic thriller set in the near future in an apartment separated by social status. The apartment building locks down when a new infectious disease ravages the world. The series will be a realistic horror show as the residents become suspicious of each other and begin to lose their everyday morals as they struggle to survive.

The show will be directed by Ahn Gil Ho and written by Han Sang Woon, who have previously worked together on the popular detective thriller Watcher. Ahn Gil Ho has also worked on several popular pieces such as Memories of the Alhambra, Record of Youth, Stranger, and Rooftop Prince. Han Sang Woon has written for several K-Drama specials as well as the series The Good Wife.

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W‘s Han Hyo Joo will be playing the female lead Yoon Sae Bom, an agent in the Seoul Police Special Operations Unit who has fast judgment and does anything she sets her mind to. However, once she moves into the apartment of her dreams, she is faced with a crisis like nothing she’s seen before.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Hwarang‘s Park Hyung Shik taking the role of the male lead, Jung Yi Hyun, who is a clever and honest violent crimes detective. He wants to pursue a sweet romance with Yoon Sae Bom, who he went to high school with, but is thrown off course when he receives an unexpected offer from Sae Bom. Yi Hyun is the type to sacrifice himself for the common good and constantly faces danger trying to protect himself and Sae Bom.

This will be his first acting project since being discharged from the military.

Mr. Sunshine‘s Jo Woo Jin will be starring as commander Han Tae Suk of the Armed Forces Medical Command, who is on a mission to find the disease’s cause and stop it from spreading. Although his personality is typically polite and easygoing, he can transform in an instant.

With an apartment in which people with various personalities and greed gather as the bsetting, Happiness will showcase human greed and the discrimination between social classes. In this current time when we feel the importance of everyday life, we will deliver a new type of excitement through the most realistic horror.

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Happiness is set to begin filming this month.

Source: My Daily