Park Seo Joon And Park Bo Young Get Excited About Filming Their Upcoming Disaster Thriller

Who’s excited for a Park Seo Joon comeback?

Park Seo JoonPark Bo Young, and Lee Byung Hun are beginning filming for their upcoming movie Concrete Utopia [working title]!

Loosely based on Part 2 of the webtoon Happy Boy (part 2 is titled Pleasant Neighbors), Concrete Utopia will be a disaster thriller about the aftermath of an intense earthquake. The movie will follow the story of the survivors who gather at Hwang Goong Apartments, the only building left standing.

Today, the movie officially began filming and the producers celebrated by releasing photos from the cast’s first table read.

Lee Byung Hun will star as Young Tak, the temporary leader of the residents of Hwang Goong Apartments. Young Tak is determined to protect Hwang Goong Apartments from outsiders, no matter what.

I’m excited and looking forward to working with director Um Tae Hwa and a lot of the cast, including Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young, for the first time.

—Lee Byung Hun

Park Seo Joon will play Min Sung, a hard-working civil servant and devoted husband who Young Tak asks to be his assistant. As he faces numerous crises, he grows bolder and bolder.

I’m excited to be taking on the challenge of a new genre. I was drawn to the changes in Min Sung’s emotions over the course of the incidents that take place.

—Park Seo Joon

Park Bo Young will be taking the role of Min Sung’s wife, Myung Hwa, a former nurse who is calm despite the terrible conditions. She is a warm-hearted character who uses her skills to take care of the injured.

I’m delighted to be a part of Concrete Utopia, and I will work hard during filming. The atmosphere during the script reading was lively and overflowing with energy. It was to the point where I could clearly feel each character in the script come to life. I’m looking forward to filming, and I’m excited and looking forward to working with such great actors.

—Park Bo Young

Source: Newsen