Park Shin Hye shows goodwill as a Hallyu actress in Shanghai

Park Shin Hye shows goodwill as a hallyu actress in Shanghai, becoming an exemplary role model in China.

The actress arrived in Shanghai on March 27th to attend a press conference at IAPM Centre and tour with reporters. The next day, on March 28th, Park Shin Hye held a fan-meet at Shanghai Centre Theatre for 1 thousand fans.

Since 2013, Park Shin Hye has been holding solo fan-meets for three consecutive years now. However, the actress has decided to donate all of this year’s fan-meet proceedings to stray animal protection shelter, Tasowon, and non-profit organization, Hunger Saver, which she is currently serving as the honorary ambassador for.

An affiliated local coordinator in Shanghai mentioned, “It is common to see many hallyu stars visiting for their fan-meets, but it is a rare occasion to have one like Park Shin Hye, who is donating all the proceedings from the ticket sales to a non-profit organization. Due to her good deeds, she has earned a title as a role model among many Chinese as well as dispersed a warm synergy between the two nations: China and Korea.”

Various events took place during the fan-meet. Park Shin Hye performed six songs live and did not forget to hug, hand kiss, and take Polaroid photos with the fans as well. Some Chinese fans were given the opportunity to try out scenes from Pinocchio in Korean and presented an emotional fan-video to the actress.

Park Shin Hye showed tears after watching the fan-made video and mentioned, “Your love moves me. It was your love that allowed me to work on projects, prevent me from falling, and made everything happen as it is today. Because I believe in you all, I will run until the end. I am so thankful and love you all!”

Meanwhile, major Chinse press, including, Sina, Sohyu, qq, Youku, and more have extensively publicized and covered Park Shin Hye’s recent fan-meet, growing her popularity in China.

Source: TV Daily