Park Yoochun Spotted In Thailand Without Wearing A Mask

He has resumed his career.

Park Yoochun was recently spotted at the Thailand airport without wearing a mask. Park’s arrival to Thailand was seen all over YouTube and social media.

Netizens were shocked to see that he had arrived at the airport without a mask, despite the worldwide pandemic that is currently going on.

It has been revealed that he will be holding a fan event on November 27 and a mini concert on November 28 in Thailand.

His comeback mini concert will be held at the Union Hall 2 at Union Mall with the most expensive ticket costing 5,000 baht ($~161.08 USD).

People found that having his Thailand concert as scheduled during a time where most artists are canceling or postponing, seemed a bit risky.

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Although he has previously pledged to retire from the entertainment industry after his drug scandal, it seems he has resumed his career.

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