Participant On JTBC’s “Peak Time” Accused Of School Violence

The show is currently checking the facts.

A school violence controversy has been raised for the JTBC program, Peak Time. On March 6, an online community board mentioned A, one of the show’s participants, and claimed he was a school violence perpetrator.

B, an elementary and middle school alumni with participant A, uploaded a long post with graduation photos.

Although it’s late, I am making this public now. It’s already been a while since I’ve become an adult, but many memories still bother me. Throughout middle school, there were many times I wanted to end my life. My house was not in a good situation and had cold water most of the time. Warm water came out properly when I was in eighth grade. As a result, I admit there were times I would go for a day or two without washing up. But I tried to maintain cleanliness. I talk about this because the main ridicule I received was that I smelled or was dirty.

B added that they teased them any chance they got and their day started with them saying, “It smells because *** is here.”

One time as a joke, they made me try to catch them, but A would try to close the door forcefully, and my finger got stuck and got swollen and bled on the spot. They said ‘it will hurt and you will cry if you get hurt like this. Is it ok to kill you if you don’t cry.’ After being a victim of gaslighting for so many years, I was brainwashed by the words ‘I’ll kill you,’ so I was afraid and kept my mouth shut. When I got home, my fingernail fell off. It felt like my last piece of self-esteem had fallen off too.

B later reported the school violence, but because in places like the countryside, most children’s parents are all acquaintances with one another, making it common for them to just let it off, saying that “things like this happen with kids.”

After several years of gaslighting, my personality became dark, and I thought about ending my life again and again. I wanted to give you one more chance, but after seeing you become active after your group died down a bit, I started to become afraid of the situation. It may take time, but if you want, I also have pictures taken during the lower grades in elementary school. Please help me get A to receive the consequence they deserve.

According to media outlet Xportsnews, the show is “confirming the facts.”

Source: xportsnews
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