PENTAGON’s Hongseok Accused Of Being Rude To ONF On Live Broadcast … “They Would Feel Like They Are Just A Frog In A Well”

Friendly jest or a rivalry feud?

PENTAGON‘s Hongseok has been caught in yet another controversy, this time, for a comment he had made on a recent live streaming episode on the 2nd of June, regarding fellow idol group, ONF.

Hongseok had started off by saying that since they are participating in “Road to Kingdom“, a performance-based reality show on Mnet, PENTAGON has gotten close with ONF. He continued saying that he had received a few song recommendations from ONF’s E-Tion, after he had requested for them as he thinks that ONF has many hidden hits. E-Tion responded by recommending the songs, “Moscow Moscow“, “Asteroid” and “If You Dream“.

While Hongseok had questioned why he only recommended three songs, he listened to them all right away. However, the issue began to arise when he revealed, “honestly I think our “Asteroid” is a bit better, even though ONF’s is good too.” ONF released their song, “Asteroid“, in October 2019, while PENTAGON dropped their song of the same title in February this year.

The vocalist continued that E-Tion asked for song recommendations in return, so he sent over between 20 to 30 songs, but avoided sending over PENTAGON’s “Asteroid“. Hongseok said,”If E-Tion recommends his group’s “Asteroid“, and I recommend him ours in return, he could receive a shock, and feel as if they were a frog in a well. He might have thought that his “Asteroid” was the best, but would realize that other people’s “Asteroid” was also good. I didn’t want to give him this shock.” Perhaps he realized the gravity of his words, as he ended off with “If the ONF friends find out about this, it’ll go crazy, so let’s keep this a secret between us”, making a request towards the fans tuning in.

He also claimed, “If I recommend to people the song, “Asteroid“, people would only listen to our song,” continuing that he “wants to protect the pride ONF has towards ONF’s “Asteroid“” as well.  Hongseok furthered by saying “The songs have the same name, so they might feel like “ah PENTAGON’s version is nicer” – I didn’t want to let them feel this sort of relative depravity.” Immediately after this, the singer included the disclaimer that this was “merely his own personal opinions.”

Netizens have been criticizing the member, saying that “he has not the least bit of consideration for his colleagues” as well as requesting him to upload an apology as soon as possible.



Netizen comments on the community post on Theqoo regarding the matter.

On the other hand, the boys of PENTAGON and ONF have been known for their close friendship as displayed on “Road to Kingdom“.

This has resulted in fans implying that this was simply a joke between the two of them as per their friendship dynamics. The group has also previously widely displayed their friendship online, such as in this adorable tweet of the PENTAGON boys making a spoof of ONF’s “It’s Raining“.

ONF even responded with “I love you!!! PENTAGON” as well as “The points are all so accurate – as expected! Don’t be hurt until the 18th and hwaiting to us! PENTAGON jjang!”

Source: Dispatch and Theqoo