PENTAGON Trapped On Faulty Plane For 3 Hours, Forced To Return Back To Jakarta

Their flight was forced back to Jakarta.

While attempting to return to Korea following their world tour concert PRISM in Jakarta, Indonesia, PENTAGON was forced to return to Jakarta after their plane was discovered to have defects.

PENTAGON’s flight OZ762 back to Korea was scheduled to leave at 11:45 pm local time. The flight was initially delayed just 30 minutes, with the PENTAGON members deboarding the plane during that time.

The problem ended up being much more severe than previously thought, as the flight’s delay was extended until 12:52 am local time. The reason was due to a faulty air conditioning system on the plane. When the plane took off, the air conditioning in the plane was still not working.

Moreover, an emergency patient situation occured early in the flight, causing the pilots to eventually decide to return back to Jakarta at 1:30 am while flying over the Java Sea.

However, due to having too much fuel, the plane was forced to fly in circles over the Java Sea to burn off fuel, as the plane was too heavy to land. The plane finally landed back in Jakarta at 3:30 am.

All of the passengers, including PENTAGON, are awaiting action by Asiana Airlines. Also, PENTAGON was reportedly scheudled to fly from Seoul to Canada later today.

Source: Osen