K-Drama “Penthouse” Season 3 Releases First Ever Stills Of The Upcoming Season Opening

Your first glance into the new season!

Previously, K-Drama Penthouse dropped their concept teaser for the upcoming season. It had everyone shookt with the main three symbols of pain in the drama.

Firstly, the Chungah Performing Arts Festival championship trophy. The trophy was once used by Cheon Seo Jin to slit Oh Yoon Hee‘s throat, rendering her unable to sing anymore. Later on, the trophy was used by Joo Dan Tae to stab Bae Ro Na in the head.

Next, Min Seol Ah‘s apple necklace. The necklace was a huge symbol of both the poor girl and the overarching story in the first season of who had been her killer. The killer snatched the necklace off Min Seol Ah’s neck during a tussle.

Lastly, the butterfly tattoo. The butterfly tattoo was used to identify the twins’ birth mother who looked exactly like their stepmother, Shim Su Ryeon.

Does this signify that both the birth mother, Na Aegyo, and Min Seol Ah may be making revivals in Season 3? Regardless of speculations, the drama has released its first-ever stills. Here we can see Kang Ma Ri and Go Sang Ah suffering in jail.

Previously, all the parents in Hera Club, except for Shim Su Ryeon, were sentenced to jail time after it was revealed that they had covered up the death of Min Seol Ah.

Having come from a life of luxury, they would certainly not be used to jail!

We know that we’re desperately awaiting 10pm KST on June 4, 2021, for the opening of Season 3 to drop! Stay tuned.

Source: Star Today