Spoiler Alert: K-Drama “Penthouse” Staff Criticized For Unprofessionalism

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the finale!

It’s been not long since Penthouse wrapped up its 3rd season. With no news of another season, one can assume this might be the finale for good. However, with the way that the last episode saw the death of Shim Soo Ryun as well as a confirmation that Oh Yoon Hee would not be revived, many were upset at the development.

Fans could not be convinced by the plotline as the writers had written Shim Soo Ryun’s death as a suicide. Given that she spent 3 seasons fighting for the benefit of her children, it would be unlikely that her character would commit suicide. It seems that the staff of the drama knew this as well. A screenshot from the Instagram of a staff member was uploaded onto community sites where it can be seen that the staff captioned it, “I knew the finale would be cursed out like mad~~~”

Comments called out the staff for their unprofessionalism as they questioned if such a thing could even be publicly uploaded.

  • “Can a staff upload such a thing…? kk”
  • “Wow… If this goes on, the staff wouldn’t be able to continue working. They certainly give 0 f*cks.”
  • “What the, can they upload it like that?”
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With such an unsatisfying ending, many ardent viewers are upset at how the drama concluded.

Source: pann