“Penthouse” Actor Yoon Jong Hoon Is So Sweet, Oh My Girl’s Hyojung Couldn’t Even Get Mad At Him For Texting On Their “Date”

“He’s too sweet!”

Yoon Jong Hoon, the actor who plays the role of Dr. Ha in the acclaimed K-Drama Penthouse, recently appeared as a guest on Oh My Girl Hyojung and Binnie‘s new show, and proved himself to be a certified sweetheart!

Yoon Jong Hoon | @yoonjongactor_official/Instagram

Hyojung and Binnie are currently hosting their show Hyojung And Binnie’s Sweet Home, and in their most recent episode invited Yoon Jong Hoon as their guest, and together, the three showed off their acting skills!

Binnie, Yoon Jong Hoon, and Hyojung

The scenario they chose to act out was one where the “boyfriend, in a state of ennui, is only on his phone”, and Hyojung was hyped to do this scene, stating she was “already annoyed by the thought of it”!

For the scene, Hyojung put on a flower crown, and sweetly called out to Yoon Jong Hoon to compliment her on the flower crown. When he barely showed interest, she hilariously accused him of caring about his stocks more than her!

Binnie soon made her entrance as a waitress serving them coffee, and looking at the friendly vibe between them, Hyojung lost her cool, showing her top-notch acting skills while throwing the flower crown on the floor!

What are you doing?!


Hyojung then confronted her “boyfriend” Yoon Jong Hoon about his poor behavior the whole time, and really laid into him about it!

You’ve been on your phone this whole time, you were looking at that woman. I even put the crown on for you, you didn’t even look or say it’s pretty.


Yoon Jong Hoon then pacified her, and revealed what he was actually doing on their date, ending their acting scene on a sweet, wholesome note!

Look! Do you know what I’m doing? Remember the dress you said you wanted to get last time? I was looking at it so I can get one for you!

—Yoon Jong Hoon

At the end of it, Hyojung commented on how sweet he was, making it impossible to get mad at him!

He’s too sweet, I can’t even get mad!


Watch the whole thing here!