Pewdiepie Just Tweeted About Jimin’s Dimples And ARMYs Can’t Believe Their Eyes

Is this the real life?

It seems BTS‘s Jimin is taking over the world with his precious smile and his latest stan revealed to be YouTube’s famous PewDiePie.


PewDiePie tweeted, “Please just look at Jimin’s little dimple” and included pictures of Jimin showing off his dimples.


These photos of Jimin captured his dimple quite well and must have caught PewDiePie’s eyes!


This tweet soon blew up the internet, leaving ARMYs surprised and speechless!


Some PewDiePie followers added that his BTS related tweets led them to become ARMYs!


Let’s be real though – with a smile like that, who could resist instantly becoming a fan? Here is another picture of Jimin, so you too can appreciate his “little dimple”.