Phillipines’ President Duterte Forces Kiss On Married Woman During Trip To Korea

The public is furious.

During an official visit to South Korea, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte demanded a kiss from a married woman in exchange for a book he was handing out.


Duterte has been criticized in the past for several controversial remarks about women, and the recent incident has only sparked further controversy.


Philippine Senator Risa Hontiveros has also condemned the President for the incident.

“That is no way for a so-called father of the nation to act.”


The woman in question was identified as Bea Kim, a Filipino woman who is married to a Korean man & has lived in Korea for seven years.

“I think we kissed just for a twist, just to excite the audience… For me, for him, it didn’t mean anything.” — Bea Kim


Duterte, who is married himself, claimed the kiss to just be a “gimmick”.

“Don’t take it seriously. It’s just for fun, a gimmick.” — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte


Source: Reuters