P.O Revealed That His Heart Flutters Whenever Girls Do These Unusual Gestures

No one expected his ideal type to be this.

Block B‘s P.O and Ukwon appeared on Life Bar, where they discussed the unusual way P.O becomes attracted to someone.


Ukwon revealed that P.O has his own unique points that make up his ideal type. For one, P.O is attracted to women who use chopsticks well.


He’s also attracted to someone who will use actions instead of words to tell him to stop shaking his legs.

“You know those people who won’t use words but suddenly grab your legs to make you stop shaking your legs? I start to sweat on my lips whenever someone does that.

My body suddenly becomes stiff and my lips begin to sweat.”

— P.O


He also prefers women who like potatoes over sweet potatoes!

“I like potatoes. I prefer them over sweet potatoes. I noticed that the majority of women prefer sweet potatoes because they like things sweet. I just thought it’d be nice to meet someone who likes potatoes more.”

— P.O


When the cast asked them to name which celebrity best fit his ideal type, he named veteran actress Nam Moon Hee! He says he loves how lovely she is and how she resembles his mom!


So if anyone is great with chopsticks, uses gestures more than words, and loves potatoes more than sweet potatoes… give P.O a call!

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