Polaris Entertainment’s homepage inaccessible following Clara’s controversy

The official website for Polaris Entertainment is revealed to be inaccessible since the scandal between their CEO and actress and model Clara Lee emerged. 

On January 19th, it was revealed that netizens trying to access information from the agency’s official homepage have been getting an error message upon visiting. As everyone is aware of the news between its CEO and Clara, the site has been blocked due to excess traffic.

The page was blocked after there has been an increased interest from the netizens following the recent contract dispute, which led to the disclosure of their private chat messages on KakaoTalk, were highly reported.

Clara Lee recently filed a suit to nullify her exclusive contract with Polaris Entertainment, citing sexual harassment from their CEO through text messaging via Kakao Talk. To protect the innocence of their CEO, the agency disclosed the alleged text messages through Dispatch, while Clara clarifying its content through a recent press release.

Source: Osen