Police To Investigate Comedienne Park Na Rae For Sexual Harassment On Her Web Show

The police have opened investigation.

Comedienne Park Na Rae will be investigated by the police due to issues surrounding her web show, Hey Narae. Previously, it was reported that she had issued an apology after behaving inappropriately and making crude gestures and jokes on the show.

Since then, it was said that there had been complaints of sexual harassment in the second episode of Hey Narae, where she had changed the clothes for a male doll and made sexual jokes about it. The video has since been taken down but a compilation of scenes that netizens deemed problematic has been uploaded.

The police have commented that although the videos have since been deleted from YouTube, they will need to investigate and reconfirm if Park Na Rae’s actions can be deemed as a crime, and if they are, the appropriate crime to categorize it under. Park Na Rae’s agency has claimed they will be cooperating fully with investigations.


Source: Yonhap