Police Issue Apology to Yoon Ji Oh For Failing To Protect Her

They didn’t respond to her urgent calls for help.

The police have issued a formal apology to actress Yoon Ji Oh who is a witness in the Jang Ja Yeon suicide case. She created a petition on March 30th demanding an explanation for why the police are failing to protect her while she is a witness in a high-profile case. The petition quickly gained traction among the Korean public.

Yoon Ji Oh explained in her petition that the police issued her a smartwatch with a call button that when pushed will alert the police that she is in danger.

She pushed the call button on the watch and did not receive a reply from the police for over ten hours.

The police station responsible for Yoon Ji Oh’s protection is Dongjak Police Station. They released a statement on March 31st saying they went to Yoon Ji Oh’s house and personally apologised to her for their failure to respond.

They explained that emergency calls from the smartwatch are supposed to be automatically logged into the 112 emergency call system but for some reason, Yoon Ji Oh’s emergency calls were not logged. They are looking for an explanation from the manufacturers of the watch.

A text message is also sent the police officer in charge but they didn’t check their messages in time and the police officer is being investigated as a result.

Going forward, the police say they will be providing Yoon Ji Oh with a team of female police officers that will watch over her around the clock. They are also moving her to new living quarters and investigating her reports of “mechanical sounds and an unknown liquid substance on her door”.

Source: Naver