Popular Instagrammer Under Fire For Racist Video About Asians Selling Cat Meat

Netizens are not having it.

A popular Instagrammer has recently come under fire for a racist video about Asians selling cat meat that he posted to his Instagram page.


In the video, the Instagrammer who goes by cool_ant, tries to convince an Asian woman to sell him cat meat.

“Next door said y’all had fried cat. I was trying to get fried cat.” — cool_ant

“Who said that?” — Woman

“Next door.” — cool_ant


At first, the woman looks confused by his request and tries to verify what he meant. When he kept asserting that he was told by the man next door that she sold cat meat, she becomes increasingly frustrated and upset.

“The carry out. I asked him. I said I want a fried cat and he said next door has it.” — cool_ant

“The guy said that? That’s crazy! He really said that?” — Woman

“I promise you, I’m not going to lie. I wouldn’t have come over here if he didn’t say that. I’m not even a disrespectful type of person.” — cool_ant


As he keeps pushing, the woman eventually decides it might be the best option to call the police on the made up guy next door.

“We’ll call the police on him.” — Woman


Although the video has now been deleted, it wasn’t fast enough for other people to take notice and repost it themselves.


It’s now gone super viral with one reupload having been retweeted over 14,600 times, liked over 39,800 times, and watched a over 8 million times.


Many, many people are absolutely horrified at these antics and have been calling out not only the Instagrammer but anyone else who has been posting the video and labeling it as a joke.


Netizens are not letting this slide.


And many people have also been showing their support for the woman.


But this video isn’t just causing netizens to call these people out, it’s also sparking a major debate online about Asians not being considered people of color.


With all of the negative attention surrounding the post even after being deleted, cool_ant has just issued an apology for this racist video.