Popular North Korean girl group vanishes from all broadcasts

Concerns over a popular North Korean girl group’s alleged disappearance has been reported.

Known as the Moranbong Band, the girl group has not been seen on broadcast since July 15th, reports Yonhap News, thus many have speculated that they have broken up. However, their music had continued to be played on North’s Korean Central Television channel with other footage taking the place of their performances.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un created the girl group, made up of more than a dozen members, in July 2012 in which they don Western-like music and outfits to match.

In late July 2015, North Korea revealed that they are in the middle of creating a new girl group called the Chongbong Band, made up of instrumentalist and singers, and further commented that it will be a revolutionary group. It made its official debut on August 31st at a joint concert in Russia. However, no word was given on the fate of the Moranbong Band.

The RFA (Radio Free Asia) then revealed the Moranbong Band had been replaced by the Chongbong Band as the members have either married or gotten deported. This report was then debunked when the Moranbong Band finally made their appearance after nearly two months, performing “Pyongyang Is Best” in front of a Cuba delegation in Pyongyang on September 7th.

Source: Yonhap News and Mirror