Popular Podcaster Choi Wook Apologizes For Insinuating That BTS’s RM Is Not As Popular As The Other Members

Respect RM.

Podcaster Choi Wook is under fire for allegedly insulting BTS’s RM.

Choi Wook |

On the September 5 episode of his podcast, Maebul Show, the podcaster spoke about BTS’s enlistment and the group’s upcoming concert in Busan.

On this day, Choi Wook asked a panelist who they liked in BTS. When the panelist answered their bias was RM, Choi Wook took exception and replied back.

RM isn’t a popular choice, is he?

— Choi Wook

RM | Teen Vogue

The remark enraged ARMY viewers, who demanded in the live chat that he apologize. The podcaster, seeing the backlash in the chat, tried to make up for it, jokingly stating that RM was also his favorite member before realizing that it was serious and apologizing.

RM is my favorite. I don’t think I should mess around about this. I asked who they liked in BTS, and I made a big mess. I am really sorry.

— Choi Wook

As fans threatened to make a clip of the podcaster insulting the BTS member, the podcaster apologized again, saying it was a misunderstanding.

I see you guys are saying you will spread this clip. I am really sorry. There is clearly a misunderstanding.

— Choi Wook

Choi Wook is an event MC and reporter. He hosts one of Korea’s more popular podcasts Maebul Show.

Source: Money Today and Wikitree