“What Is Your Problem?” Korean Reporter Comes Under Fire For Harshly Accusing HyunA And DAWN Of Exploiting Their Relationship

“I want their love game, which is close to performance art, to continue while locked away in a closed room…”

Netizens criticized a Korean news outlet for an article in which it alleged HyunA and DAWN were exploiting their relationship.

From left: DAWN and HyunA |

On April 14, a news article criticized the musicians for being so personal in their music. The article starts by alleging the musicians were using their relationship as a marketing ploy.

At this point, it (their relationship) must not have been love but a sale…

— iMBC

The article then introduces DAWN and HyunA as the singers who were kicked out of Pentagon and Wonder Girls.

DAWN, the singer who was kicked out of Pentagon, and HyunA, who became a solo singer after promoting with 4Minute after getting kicked out of the Wonder Girls…

— iMBC

The article then alleges that the public no longer wanted to hear or read about the former couple.

There seems to be no end to the two singer’s love spat. Because of this, people on media outlets, social media, and online communities expressed that they were “Tired” of receiving news about them.

— iMBC

The article then alleged that HyunA and DAWN were playing a “Tired game of star-crossed lovers.”

Logically, it’s time for both sides to devote themselves to their music. Particularly because artists need to provide for the many people who trust and follow them [sic]. This is epecially true, considering their new music will be judged as either a success or failure. Despite this, HyunA and DAWN have not satisfied the public’s right to know whether they had really broken up. Also, they are basically playing a tired game of star-crossed lovers.

— iMBC

The reporter then ends the article by comparing the couple to performing arts and states that they wished the couple would continue their love away from the public eye.

I want their love game, which is close to performance art, to continue while locked away in a closed room. I wish they would dance, sing, and love in their own world before quietly coming to an end.

— iMBC

Netizens were confused by the article and criticized it for its harsh undertones. Many also expressed confusion as to why the reporter seemingly took personal offense to the couple.

  • “Isn’t the problem resolved if the reporter doesn’t read about them?”
  • “All you guys have to do is stop writing about them…”
  • “LOL, what is this reporter thinking? I don’t care what the couple does, but the reporter is acting more like a fool, LOL. Funny AF.”
  • “Did HyunA hit the reporter in the shoulder or something? What’s wrong with him?”
  • “Why is the reporter so mad?”
  • “I don’t think the reporter has ever dated. If you’re sick of the articles about them, then stop writing about them.”
  • “What do you mean we are sick of them? It’s more like we are going crazy out of curiosity about them.”
  • “Reporters are the ones who exploit celebrity couples the most.”
  • “Why? This couple is so interesting…”
  • “Is it because they didn’t go along with your article about them getting back together? Is that the reason you are so mad? Why is it our right to know whether HyunA and DAWN are dating, f@ck. LOL.”
  • “I think the reporter is mad because he has never dated…”

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Source: imbc and theqoo