Produce 101 Will Take Action Against Contestants Like Daniel Kang and Kim Dongbin

Mnet has responded to the controversy surrounding contestants attempting to influence viewer voting in an upcoming episode.

Produce 101‘s contestants Daniel Kang and Kim Dong Bin have been caught up in controversy over trying to influence the viewer voting for the next episode’s contest and Mnet is taking the transgression seriously.

In the last episode, it was announced that viewers would be responsible for voting the contestants into 5 groups based on given concept songs for those groups. While most contestants were content to leave it up to fate, these two were caught trying to influence voters into putting them into the groups that would be performing their songs of choice.

Mnet has since responded to both situations, revealing that neither Daniel Kang nor Kim Dong Bin will be allowed to participate in the songs that they hinted at through social media.

“We place a priority on making Produce 101 Season 2 a fair competition among the trainees.

Recently, it has been confirmed that some trainees are influencing the national producers online through SNS for the concept evaluations.

The trainees that we have confirmed did this will be penalized by not being able to perform the songs that they tried to promote themselves to be in.”

— Mnet

Source: News1