“Produce 48” Han Cho Won Confirmed To Be Debuting In LIGHTSUM


Previously, it was reported that CUBE Entertainment was pushing forward with the debut of a new girl group. LIGHTSUM was teased with the release of a dance practice video from the trainees.

While the member lineup has been speculated to include prominent trainees such as Han Chowon (Produce 48) and Lee Joohyun (The UNIT), CUBE Entertainment has since announced two members of the upcoming girl group.

The first, is Han Chowon of course! Her profile photo was released through the official LIGHTSUM social media channels under the name Chowon.

Fans are especially looking forward to her debut due to her strong talent and charisma. She is an all-rounder that can rap, sing and dance. Although Chowon came in at 6th place during Produce 48, she was unable to debut due to vote manipulations.

The other member that was revealed to the public is named Jian. She is a trainee that remained undisclosed to the public until now. Not much is known about her.

Wishing the LIGHTSUM girls all the best for their debut!

Source: Star Today