Racist Woman Arrested After Verbally And Physically Attacking Asian Girl In Subway

This was apparently her second arrest this year.

A video of a woman verbally and physically assaulting an Asian girl on the subway has been going viral.


The clip, which was filmed by Juan Ayala, a passenger on the same subway in New York, showed the woman repeatedly saying, “F*** off,” to an Asian girl, calling her “retarded” and using offensive racial slurs.


Later, she could be seen kicking and attacking the girl with her umbrella and keys. The assault continued despite numerous fellow passengers who tried to restrain her.


Furthermore, when Juan Alaya decided to intervene, the woman lashed back at him, calling him “F***ing Mohammed.”


The 40-year-old woman, whose name is Anna Lushchinskaya, had apparently begun attacking the 24-year-old Asian girl after she bumped into the woman. The victim and Juan Alaya both suffered scratches during the incident.


Lushchinskaya was later arrested at the 36th Street Station and brought to trial at the Kings County Criminal Court thereafter, where she pleaded not guilty. This was reportedly the woman’s second arrest this year with her previous arrest also relating to a subway altercation at the 36th Street Station. At the time, she was charged with harassment, menacing with a weapon and attempted assault after pepper spraying a Hispanic man and woman.


Lashchinskaya’s next hearing is set for January 22.

Source: CNN