Rain draws interest with dual strategy setup regarding his singing and acting careers

After confirmation that he would not be continuing under Cube Entertainment following his contract expiration, Rain has drawn interest after setting up a dual strategy.

According to an insider on October 3rd, Rain’s activities as a singer and actor will be handled separately by different agencies, his one-man agency and “H Entertainment” whose identity hasn’t been revealed yet.

“H Entertainment” will be supporting his acting career. Acting as the “agent,” the CEO of “H Entertainment” is said to have a lot past experience managing several well-known Korean actors who were under “C Entertainment.”

On the other hand, the one-man agency, which was announced last month, will be handled by a person that Rain has been acquainted with ever since his JYP Entertainment days, the agency he made his solo debut under in 2002. This one-man agency will handle all of Rain’s music and performance related activities.

This dual agency strategy will help Rain concentrate on both sides of his career, individually and under “H Entertainment,” where he will be focusing on roles in films instead of dramas.

Many are looking forward to Rain’s upcoming activities as he sets out to be active under two different agencies.

Source: Star News