#1 trending topic in Korea: Kim Tae Hee and Rain to be married in 2015

Media are reporting that Rain has finally proposed to his girlfriend, Kim Tae Hee and has revealed that the two will hold their wedding in 2015. 

Reports were released that a close friend of Kim Tae Hee stated, “The parents have given their blessings to the marriage of the two since Kim Tae Hee turned 36 this year. They are going to begin preparations for their wedding and attempt to tie the knot this year. They are asking around for a wedding shoot and getting the specifics planned out.”

Rain converted to Catholicism, following Kim Tae Hee and even sold his house, which caused fans and media in the past to assume the two were preparing for marriage.

Reports continue to say that Rain especially worked hard to receive the blessings of Kim Tae Hee’s family, with a friend of Rain revealing, “Rain worked very hard to gain the support of Kim Tae Hee’s sister and her husband. Having earned their support, he received Kim Tae Hee’s parents’ blessings as well.”

However, Rain’s agency has made a statement contrary to reports stating, “The parents have not even met yet and we have no specific marriage plans yet.”

Kim Tae Hee’s agency has revealed, “After speaking with her regarding the news about receiving blessings from the parents, she had stated this isn’t true. The rumors about a wedding hall are also not true. Kim Taehee is focusing on her next work rather than marriage.”

Source: SBS