Rain’s contract with Cube Entertainment nearing its end; will he renew or become a free agent?

Singer and actor Rain‘s exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment is coming to an end and the big question is, will he renew?

On September 3rd, agency officials told TV Report“It’s true that his contract expiration is coming up. However, the details regarding the discussion [to renew] are ongoing. Whether he will renew his contract hasn’t been decided yet. When it has been concluded, we will let you know.”

Following his return from his military enlistment in September 2013, Rain signed on with Cube Entertainment in an exclusive contract lasting two years. He has released an album, featured in a drama, and more with their support, and is currently focusing on activities in China.

As Rain maintains a good relationship with Cube’s CEO Hong Seung Sung since his JYP Entertainment days, there may be a good chance that he still stay. Whether Rain will resign or leave Cube Entertainment may be determined as soon as this week or next week.

Source: TV report