American Rapper 24kGoldn’s Hanbok-Flexing Seollal Greeting Earns Him A Brand New Korean Nickname

“Okay, why is this real? LOL.”

The Instagram account @millionhiphop is a Korean feed dedicated to sharing American hiphop news, followed by a relatively large group of 306K+ hiphop fans in Korea.

| @millionhiphop/Instagram

And on this feed, American rapper 24kGoldn — whose 2020 track “Mood” became a sensational hit — suddenly dropped a Seollal (Lunar New Year) greeting. The post read, “24kGoldn sent us a video message.

24kGoldn | @24kgoldn/Instagram

In the video message, 24kGoldn is looking snazzy dressed in hanbok. He addresses “millionhiphop fans” and thanks them for the love and support for his music. He wishes a happy Seollal and promises to visit Korea as soon as it becomes possible!

Hiphop fans in Korea have no idea what’s going on, but they’re loving the hanbok flex and the shoutout. With this dressed-to-impress message, 24kGoldn has a brand new endearing nickname from Korean fans: “Boy Soongeum,” meaning pure gold.

Listen to Boy Soongeum‘s “Mood.”

Source: theqoo