Rapper Lee Youngji Shocks With The Final Outcome Of Her Diet And Transformation

She also shared the one things she did to get these results.

Rapper Lee Youngji first stepped onto the scene in 2019 where she appeared on High School Rapper. She swiftly gained attention for her insane rapping skills and lyrics writing.

Later on, as her star rose, she began performing on live stages, making a name for herself as a musician.

However, she soon discovered a knack for making people laugh as well as hosting. She set up her own YouTube channel, The Adventures of Youngji. She tried out various jobs as well as interviewed many stars.

What shocked her fans recently however, was her huge diet transformation. She had been on a diet consistently for a year so while the news did not shock fans, people were stunned by the results of the one year. Take a look at her recent unedited body profile photos.

| @youngji_02/Instagram

She looks literally amazing.

| @youngji_02/Instagram

We’re loving her transformation! Not only did she do it healthily over one year, she gained lots of confidence from it.

| @youngji_02/Instagram

Here’s a screenshot from a video to prove how unedited her body is.

| @youngji_02/Instagram

She shared that while she was someone who used to spend ₩4.00 million KRW (about $3,360 USD) a month on food delivery apps, she totally cut them off for the year. If only we had the same willpower as her!