The Real Reason Why Red Velvet Wendy Avoids Leaving Her House

Red Velvet’s Wendy is famous as a homebody, but there’s a special reason why she never leaves her house.

She revealed that she’s afraid to leave the house because of the influence her actions may have on others.

“I’m worried that I might make a mistake with my actions [while outside], and young children might follow what I do.”

— Wendy

Wendy actually loves going on adventures and leaving the house whenever she can!

“When I was a trainee, I would always be at the dorms or the training room.

But when I got a rare day off, I would prepare since early in the morning [to spend the day outside].”

— Wendy

Everyone has mistaken her the whole time. She’s not a homebody at all!

“I really like going around on a regular basis.”

— Wendy

It’s heart breaking to see her sacrifice her own hobbies for the safety of others!

Source: Dispatch