Red Velvet Just Released Irene’s Teasers, And She’s Already Trending Worldwide

She’s so gorgeous!

Red Velvet‘s Irene is fishing for all your hearts!

On December 19, SM Entertainment released Irene’s teasers for their upcoming comeback. The group is going for a dark, eerie concert for their last comeback in the ReVe Festival series, The ReVe Festival: Finale, with title track “Psycho”.

When Irene’s teasers dropped, fans immediately fell in love with her visuals, and her teasers also immediately spawned creepy theories!


In the video teaser that was released, Irene can be seen fishing in a pond in the dark. When she finally managed to get the bait stuck on something and reels it back, the item is revealed to be a clock, stuck at the time 6:19.


June 19 (6/19) was the release of The ReVe Festival: Day 1, and according to some Reveluvs, this fulfills the requirements of a “reverse concept”, where Irene attempts to go back in time so that she can prevent Seulgi‘s death caused in The ReVe Festival: Day 2.


When her teasers dropped, fan began trending the hashtag #FinaleWithIrene, which then grabbed the NO. 13 spot on Twitter’s Worldwide Trends! Fans also couldn’t help but gape in awe over her goddess visuals:


What is it? It looks just like a movie


Irene’s face is the best


It’s so crazy. So freaking crazy. She’s so pretty. Just look at her eyes. Irene, I love you.


The ReVe Festival: Finale is set to drop on December 23, 6PM KST.

Check out the rest of Irene’s teasers here!


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