Red Velvet members rock “Cheer Up” dance moves on Weekly Idol

On September 7th, Red Velvet starred in an episode of popular variety show Weekly Idol, hosted by Defconn, Heechul and Hani. With their recent “Russian Roulette” comeback, the SM Entertainment girl group is quite busy with promotions but still managed to goof off and have fun at the Weekly Idol studio.

During a dance segment of the episode, “Cheer Up” by TWICE was played and the Red Velvet members quickly leaped to their feet to crank out some moves from the chorus of the song. Heechul also joined along in the joviality with his flawless girl group dance moves.

Red Velvet members showed their cute charms through the playful “Cheer Up” choreography and reinstated their proficiency in dancing. Many fans enjoy seeing their favorite idols dance andn sing to other group’s songs. With the surging popularity of both groups,

Check out the clip from Weekly Idol below!