Red Velvet’s Stylist For “Queendom” Gets Applauded For Doing A Phenomenal Job

They look even more stunning 😍

Red Velvet has made their highly, highly anticipated comeback with “Queendom” just a day ago and we think it’s safe to say that we have a certified banger on our hands! As the girl group breaks record after record with their comeback, something else has also been making headlines.

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Red Velvet’s stylist has been receiving high praise from Korean netizens for the girls’ noticeably improved outfits! The girl group recently performed their comeback tracks on V Live in an online fanmeeting for their fans. And while this alone was exciting enough, the excitement was only further ignited when the girls came on stage and stunned in their amazing outfits.

Here we have the 5 members dressed to impress in these bright, funky outfits! Each ensemble is perfectly tailored for the Red Velvet members, who all boast different, but just as equally beautiful body types. The flared jeans, the pops of bright colors, and the chunky white boots just scream trendy!

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In another photo, the girl group shows off a more monochromatic color scheme, keeping things more neutral for this round of stage outfits. The theme of black and white really kept the unison in check, all the while the 5 members showed off their individual beauties.

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And last, but most certainly not least, we have these summery blue themed outfits. While each lady is dressed in different hues of blue, each outfit tailors to the girls’ specific body type to ensure even more gorgeousness from the girls. Joy‘s bodycon gingham dress, Irene‘s classy polo top, Seulgi‘s vibrant cinched skirt, Yeri‘s adorable floral dress, and Wendy‘s puffy sleeve top all highlight the best features of each member.

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Korean netizens quickly began to praise not only the Red Velvet members for their beauty, but also the group’s new stylist who emphasized the girl group’s visuals with the well-thought out outfit coordinations.

| Nate Pann
  • “Seriously, this is the first time in a long time that I like Red Velvet’s stylist.”
  • “I think it might have been prettier if it was all black or all white, but this styling is really pretty.”
  • “Wow, each person is different so I’m sure it was hard, but they’re all so pretty.”
  • “Did they style for IZ*ONE too? They’re so pretty. The distinct princess look from IZ*ONE can be felt in their dresses and it’s so pretty.”
  • “They’re so freaking pretty…”
  • “I personally think the luxurious concept fits Red Velvet really well.”
| SM Entertainment

We would have to agree with the netizens on this one! Be sure to watch Red Velvet’s hit comeback track “Queendom” down below.

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