Red Velvet Wendy thanks her vocal trainer in a heartfelt handwritten letter

Wendy wrote a long letter for her vocal trainer Jang Jin Young, thanking him for all the help he has given her.

Wendy gifted her vocal trainer Jang Jin Young an album with a long letter of appreciation. In this letter, she apologizes that the album and letter was given so late and also expressed her thanks for everything he does for both her and the other members of Red Velvet.


Hello teacher Jin Young~!

Teacher’s tomboyish students are back with our 4th mini-album!!
Sorry for only giving it to you now T_T
Each time we release a CD we should be going right to you and expressing our thanks. T_T
(Our recordings are never 100% perfect so I feel half worried and half nervous because I feel sorry… but… hehe)
After debuting, my hopes are that you can watch any of our performances and feel proud of all of us, and to have really no worries about our singing…
But what do I do, I feel like I’ve made you more worried… T_T
I’m very sorry because I feel like compared to the things I want to do and show, I’m unable to actually accomplish that… I’ve always been receiving help but haven’t been using that help to accomplish things T_T…
And the promise I made with you during my trainee days! I really don’t know when it will happen… (Did I make too big of a promise… hehe) but I will keep it!
Thank you so much for always being by us, helping us, and believing in us!
I always have this feeling but I am so relieved that you are our teacher, it’s an honor, and thank you!”

Wendy (Red Velvet)

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Jang Jin Young is also helping as a vocal trainer on the variety show Unnies Slam Dunk Season 2. Jeon Somi even confessed to him in an earlier episode that she was not confident in her voice.