Red Velvet’s Wendy And Yeri Have The Most Relatable Studying Habits While Preparing For Their Driver’s Tests

Falling asleep while studying is universal.

Red Velvet‘s Wendy and Yeri were the last of the members to get their driving licenses, and while preparing for the written test, their reactions and studying habits were 100% relatable.

Wendy’s major worry about taking the test was something any second-language learner can relate to. While Wendy speaks Korean fluently, taking a test in another language is always tricky.

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She also had one tip to share with any Reveluvs who are still in school.

When you’re still a student, get your driving license.

Wendy hadn’t studied for a long time, making it harder for her to memorize and strategize for the test. Studying’s already difficult when you’re in school, but it’s even harder when it’s no longer a habit or requirement.

Still, Wendy was diligent, studying even on the day Red Velvet would perform at the 2022 Dream Concert. And like any older sister, she and the rest of the members beckoned Yeri to study with Wendy during the waiting time.

Yeri is also a diligent student, but she’s not the kind of person who can concentrate for an extended period of time. During the earlier days of preparation, Yeri admitted to falling asleep while studying, something everyone can relate to.

Still, she put in her best effort, and while she was worried about failing, Joy eased her mind by reassuring her that the test wasn’t that big of a deal.

Before taking the test, Wendy and Yeri revealed just how different their studying styles were. Yeri is the type of student who holds on to her studying material until the last second, while Wendy is the type to trust what she’s studied beforehand and challenge the test head-on.

Both Wendy and Yeri were nervous, but they were able to pass on their first try thanks to their hard work. Now all that’s left is to see how they’ll perform on the road.

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