Red Velvet’s Irene Leaves Fans Breathless With Sexy Dancing

Who’s doing it like Irene?

Red Velvet‘s Irene showed off her sexy charm in her recent solo stage.

The “La Rouge” concert of Red Velvet was held last November 23-24, and Irene’s dance on the second day caught eyes everywhere.

Donning a red frilly mini dress with sparkly heels, she danced to a seductive and energetic beat. She was fluid, graceful, and feminine from start to finish.

Her confidence filled the stage, proving her status as a senior idol in the industry.

Irene started the stage strong using a simple chair as props.

She soon brought in a tambourine and back up dancers as the beat got stronger, increasing the energy on stage.

Reveluvs were understandably impressed!

They agreed that Irene was the definition of sexy.

They further pointed out that while she is undoubtedly beautiful, Irene should be better known for her incredible talents.

What a goddess!

Check out her full performance below:

Source: Insight

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