Red Velvet’s Joy reacts to Sungjae’s sudden change in marriage plans on “Section TV”

In a recent airing of Section TV, Red Velvet made an appearance and spoke on several topics including Joy‘s virtual marriage to BTOB’s Sungjae.

Aired on August 30th, the MC asked Joy, “What do you like the most about Sungjae?”

She replied, “He’s handsome.”

A previous interview with Sungjae was shown to Joy in which he states, “I originally wanted to get married at 25-years old but now I want to get married at 35 years old.”

The MC interviewing him commented, “Since you have experienced the marriage life, did you change your mind?” to which he laughed nervously and said with a smile, “No comment.”

In retaliation, Joy says a little smile, “Then I’ll get married at 40,” making everyone laugh.

Source: X Sports News