Red Velvet’s Seulgi reveals the hardship of her trainee days

In a recent airing of SBS radio’s Choi Hwajung’s Powertime, Red Velvet member Seulgi spoke on her experience during her trainee days.

Most trainees, if not all, all go through hardship while training to make their debut into the music industry, especially when one has no idea when their debut chance and date comes.

Seulgi spoke on her own experience on the March 31st broadcast of Choi Hwajung’s Powertime, revealing, I was a trainee for seven years. I was picked in sixth grade through an audition and started my trainee life in first year middle school.”

The host and MC Choi Hwajung asked her, “Wasn’t it hard?” to which Seulgi answered, “It was fun for the first 3~4 years but than I came to a slump. I doubted whether or not this path was right for me.” 

She also added, “The company told me not to tell people that I was a trainee. So I only told my closest friend and she kept my secret. People only found out later on.”

The same broadcast not only featured Red Velvet as guests, but male soloist Huh Gak as well.

Source: Xportsnews