Red Velvet’s Yeri reveals she wore heels for the first time in “Automatic” MV

In a recent interview during their Red Velvet Ice Cream TV segment on Naver MusicRed Velvet member Yeri revealed that she wore high heels for the first time for the music video for the group’s title track “Automatic.”

During the one and half hour show, the girls of Red Velvet shared plenty of laughs with labelmate Minho of SHINee, who served as the MC for Red Velvet Ice Cream TVThroughout the show, the group touched on many topics, such as their new album’s artwork, the choreography of their dances, and the behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

While the group had their fair share of laughs, however, newest member and maknae Yeri shocked fans with an interesting secret. While discussing the behind-the-scenes footage from their music videos, the 16-year old member noted, “The first time I wore high heels was for the music video for ‘Automatic‘. It was very difficult.

Despite being her first time wearing high heels, the singer definitely put in a lot of practice, pulling off the choreography perfectly in the music video. “Automatic” featured intricate choreography, but luckily for Yeri, her practice and the moderate pace of the dance allowed her to perform the dance without a hitch.

You can watch Red Velvet Ice Cream TV on Naver Music below!