Reports reveal Lee Min Ho developed a crush on Suzy but hesitated to confess

On the latest episode of tvN‘s Name List 2015, a report revealed that Lee Min Ho developed feelings for Suzy first although he initially did not confess to her.

The couple has been one of the hottest topics this month since their relationship was revealed in March, and thus became featured in this episode.

Despite the fact that Suzy’s ideal type did not fit Lee Min Ho specifically, Lee Min Ho had often stated on shows and interviews that his ideal type was a petite, fair skinned girl, which describes Suzy well.

Lee Min Ho’s representative revealed that he first confessed his feelings to Suzy despite his initial hesitation saying, “In accordance with Lee Min Ho’s personality, it was clear to us that he thought a great deal about [confessing] before revealing his feelings to her. He was worried that he would burden Suzy with the confession, but could not hold his feelings any longer.

Dispatch, who broke the news about the couple, revealed that they began to investigate the relationship between the two when Suzy was spotted at the exclusive screening of Lee Min Ho’s major motion picture Gangnam 1970.

Since the relationship was revealed, Lee Min Ho has refrained from making any further statements on the relationship, however, Suzy did speak of it briefly during her appearance on Happy Together 3 and revealed how she fell for the actor during miss A‘s showcase.

Currently, JYP Entertainment‘s group miss A is promoting their first album in over a year, Colors, and achieved three perfect all kills with “Only You” since its release, while Lee Min Ho hinted at upcoming projects during his appearance at a launch event in China.

Source: TV Report