BTS’s RM Reveals Why They Shared The Album Making Process With Fans Rather Than Keeping It Confidential

Fans will be touched to hear this.

BTS held a global press conference on 20 November 2020, to address the public on the launch of their latest album. RM shared the reason behind the group’s decision to share the album making process with fans for BE.

| theqoo

RM shared that the album’s process was thoroughly shared with fans through live streams.

We’ve all been busy trying to do what we can, and the album was planned before we released “Dynamite”. So while were were promoting “Dynamite”, we were also working on the album. We tried to show the fans how we have been preparing for this album, such as through live streams where we show the process. It was the first time that we are revealing the process, as we normally keep things confidential. It feels like we made the album together. So looking back, if you look at the stuff like logos or something, you might feel like, oh so that’s what they were talking about during the live stream. It really makes you feel like we did this together.

— RM

He revealed that a huge part of the decision stemmed from the pandemic, which separated them from fans. In order to connect more with fans, the group decided to make the preparations public.

We felt that we should share the process with fans as we weren’t able to meet them in person this time. As we didn’t want to drift from the fans, we felt that we had to do this since we used to connect with tours and concerts and had physical connections, but this wasn’t possible this time. It’s like a restaurant sharing their secret recipe – us sharing how we made the album, but we felt it was a good choice to stay connected and hopefully the fans feel the same way.

— RM

| theqoo

Although the decision might not have been an easy one as most groups prefer to keep things under wraps, hopefully fans appreciated the meaningful gesture.

If you’ve yet to check out their new song, “Life Goes On”, check it out below!

Source: theqoo