Rookie Actor From “High Class” Receives Backlash For His “Bad Acting And Pronunciation”

He previously made headlines for being a former idol trainee.

High Class is starting to become the nation’s new favorite K-Drama and we can see the hype — elite families, a prestigious school, and a handsome teacher makes up for one dramatic series.

Despite only having two episodes released thus far, the tvN series has already begun to see a massive following, as it makes headlines for its stellar plot. As the K-Drama continues to see mass popularity, however, there is one actor who has started to make headlines for the wrong reasons.

Poster for “High Class” | tvN

Meet Choi Bo Geun, the rookie actor who just made his official debut with his role in High Class. He previously made headlines for being an idol trainee, but he changed his career path and joined Gold Medalist to pursue acting.

And while he just made his debut in the industry, the 20-year-old actor, has become the center of criticism for his “bad acting.”

Actor Choi Bo Geun | Gold Medalist

The rookie actor plays the role of actress Kim Ji Soo‘s son, who portrays a rebellious teenager within the series. The specific scene in question features an argument involving both Kim Ji Soo and Choi Bo Geun. Choi Bo Geun, who plays Lee Joon Mo gets scolded by his mother (played by Kim Ji Soo) for being disrespectful towards her.

Choi Bo Geun in “High Class” | tvN
| tvN

Upon seeing this scene for themselves, netizens have started to criticize Choi Bo Geun’s “bad acting,” while commenting that they cannot understand what he’s saying due to his pronunciation.

| theqoo
  • “Is he congested –..– It was frustrating for me to listen to him.”
  • “I have been enjoying this, but every time this kid comes out, everything is ruined ㅠㅠ it’s even worse because he’s the only one bad at acting amongst everyone so he stands outㅠㅠㅠㅠ I don’t know how he got casted. He doesn’t even have the basics. It’s like he came out without any practice.”
  • “Omg……what’s going on with his pronunciation, what’s going on with his acting, what’s going on with his diction ㅠ”
  • “Did they pick him without an audition. This is f*cking pathetic.”
  • “It sounds like…you know when your computer reads something out loud for you and it spaces out the words however it feels like.”
  • “He’s not an idol, but he was an idol trainee…”
  • “The way his mouth moves when he says his lines is not pretty.”
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High Class airs every Monday and Tuesday on tvN so make sure to look out for future episodes. In the meantime, you can watch Choi Bo Geun in the scene in question down below.

Source: theqoo