Rookie girl group April already getting nominated for #1 on music show a week after debut

DSP Media‘s rookie girl group April is already gaining a lot of attention after becoming one of the Top 5 nominees on this week’s The Show.

On September 1st, April was spotted as one of the nominees for the #1 placing along with Stephanie, VIXX LR, G-Friend, and Juniel. The Show‘s music ranking chart is reflected through their charting on online music charts as well as Tudou video views with live text voting counted in during the show.

April just made their debut with their title track “Dream Candy” on August 24th and has been accumulating a lot of interest from both fans at home and overseas.

An official from The Show stated that there had never been another rookie team that had freshly debuted who had shown such good results on their charts before, adding that they have received hot reactions in Korea and China (which The Show reflects on their chart).

April’s leader Somin stated, “We couldn’t believe we were candidates for #1. We are asking for fans to support and cheer us on even more.”

VIXX’s LR took home the win that day with “Beautiful.”

Source: Starjn