Rookie Idol Breaks Down In Tears After Meeting IU

Fave Entertainment recently released a video of a rookie female idol group’s first meeting with IU and their reactions were all to be expected, except for one.

After wrapping up her concert, IU visited her hoobaes, FAVEGIRLS, in the waiting room.

Needless to say, the rookie idols immediately went fangirl on IU.

Suddenly, however, Lee Soojin of FAVEGIRLS started to cry.

IU’s presence and stardom appeared to have overwhelmed Lee Soojin, who’s only 17.

IU told her not to cry and joked with a staff member to make everyone laugh.

Staff: Why did you hit her?

IU: She’s too pretty!

Then they all took a group photo and it’s clear to see that IU just made their day, if not their whole week!

Watch the full interaction between IU and her cute hoobaes below.