BTS’s V and J-Hope Act Their Cutest Out Of Desperation For Snacks In Latest “Run BTS!”

Who can say no to them?!

During episode 133 of Run BTS!, V and J-Hope found themselves in a pickle when they realized they didn’t have enough points for the snacks they wanted.

Snacks could be purchased based on points earned from the previous game…and all J-Hope could afford was pickles.

When Jimin offered some of his points to get J-Hope some food, he turned the cute charm up to maximum!

However, V also gave it all by giving Jimin the biggest heart he could muster.

When Jungkook revealed he was willing to spare some points, all V had to do was rotate his heart towards him…

…and J-Hope also put the charm on his direction.

In the end, their cute antics worked since they ordered tons of food…

…and evenly split it like a true family!