S.E.S’ Shoo and her family to join “Oh My Baby”

In light of Kim Jung Min and Tani Rumiko leaving SBS’ Oh My Baby, it has been announced that S.E.S’ Shoo and her family will be replacing them as the new cast members. 

According to many broadcast personnel, Shoo and her husband Im Hyo Sung, a Korean basketball player, have confirmed their appearance for the show, filling in the vacancy left by the last family.

Shoo participated in Infinite Challenge’s “TOTOGA” episode, which invited many popular 90s artists back to perform, as her former girl group S.E.S. With her renewed popularity due to that episode, Shoo’s presence on Korean television has increased.

Recently, Shoo made an appearance with her son and twin daughters on KBS’ Return of Superman and SBS’ Roommate – Season 2, and her family has become a hot topic since the airing of the episode, especially regarding her twin daughters, Ra Hee and Ra Yool. With the latest addition, there’s no doubt that viewers are highly anticipating the family’s appearance.

Source: 10Asia