Sandara Park Has The Absolute Best Response To Losing Her Shoe During 2NE1’s “Coachella” Performance

She reacted to it on Twitter.

Sandara Park continues to make her name known as a professional artist with a bright personality!

Sandara Park | @krungy21/Twitter

She recently joined the other three members of 2NE1 in their first full-group performance since their disbandment in Coachella 2022. They performed their 2011 hit song “I AM THE BEST.”

2NE1 | @88rising/Twitter

Besides the member’s explosive talent, their charisma, and of course, the fact that they reunited, there was another noteworthy thing that happened: Sandara performed half of the song without her shoe.

When a Filipino fan asked why her right shoe slid off her feet, she replied that she, too, didn’t have a clear idea of what happened.

Fan: Why did your shoe fly away? 😭

Sandara: I don’t know…my shoes didn’t fly during rehearsals…I think my energy was just on another level during the actual performance!!!

Instead of being embarrassed, she fully embraced the situation, even joking that her socks were still on stage with the artists that performed after 2NE1.

I think my socks [are] still on the stage. With all the other performers…🤣🤣🤣 sorry for that 🙏

— Sandara

She told fans not to worry about her or her missing shoe. From the photos that she posted of herself, it was clear that she wasn’t bothered.

There’s a happy ending to this wardrobe malfunction as well—Dara revealed on Twitter that she got her shoe back!

One thing’s for sure, it was a memorable moment for everyone involved!

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