SBS accidentally plays G-FRIEND’s track during TWICE’s stage

If you tuned into the 2016 SBS Gayo Daejeon, you may have caught the slight hiccup during one of TWICE’s stages. 

Being one of the hottest girl groups of 2016, TWICE performed for a variety of stages at the 2016 SAF Gayo Daejeon (SBS Gayo Daejeon) held at COEX in Gangnam, Seoul. However, as their stage for their hit tracks “TT” and “Cheer Up!” progressed, the members were subject to a slight mistake made by the program’s producers.

TWICE was supposed to perform “Cheer Up!” right after their “TT” stage. Instead of playing their own track, SBS played G-FRIEND’s “Navillera” instead. All of the members acted professionally, smiled and gamely held their pose as G-FRIEND’s track continued to play.

The broadcast accident was discussed by TWICE’s fans and added upset. Before the performance, fans were disappointed that SBS cut “Like Ooh Ah” from TWICE’s live stage. They were reportedly set to perform all of their three title tracks during the ceremony.

On the other hand, the incident also accidentally revealed G-FRIEND’s recorded vocal audio. The recorded audio caused quite a stir as G-FRIEND was expected to perform live as initially planned. A few days back, member Umji was caught lip syncing live at the 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards.

Catch the full clip of the incident below. 

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Source: Newsen