SBS News Anchor Reveals How He Became A Fan Of BTS Due To Jungkook

We’d fall for him too!

SBS News anchorman, Kim Yong Tae, recently revealed in an interview that he became a fan of BTS and Jungkook through a fateful interview. Kim Yong Tae had interviewed BTS back in 2018, and he became interested in the group as he was very impressed by the boys.

In particular, he was amazed by how attentively Jungkook listened to him.

Jungkook was sitting way at the end, but he was leaning forward to listen to me attentively and looked at me whenever I tried to say something. His eyes were so sparkly that after that, my interest in them grew.

— Kim Yong Tae

The other hosts gushed over how cute Jungkook must have been after they heard about the episode. It was only natural that he became a fan afterwards!

The interview can be caught below, for those who are curious!