School In UK Caught Teaching Students To “Slant Their Eyes” In Order To Look Chinese

It was meant to show what a success Chinese Day had been…

United Kingdom’s New Bradwell School is under fire after a teacher put up a class picture of the whole class doing the racial gesture of “slant eyes”.

The six-to-seven year olds from the class in question had completed a project on China. For the picture, the students were dressed in Chinese clothing and told to pull up their eyes in an effort to “look Chinese”.


Parents have stated in multiple interviews that they are appalled at the school for allowing a teacher to do this.

“These children will now think it’s OK to do this when it is clearly not. At best it’s insensitive and at worst it’s racism. Teachers are supposed to be role models and that is not something to look up to. They should know how to act. I’m annoyed at the teacher. They need to grow up.” — Students’ Parents


The headteacher of this highly-rated primary school, Phil Webster, apologized and stated the picture was taken down as soon as possible.

He claimed, “The school would like to apologize if we caused any offense and after our internal investigation has been completed will look to see if any changes need to be made with the school’s procedures and policies.”


The “slant eyes” gesture has long caused outrage all over the world.


It has been pointed out multiple times as offensive and racist, but there continue to be issues with people making this gesture.


International sports athletes have been seen committing the racial crime.


And even news reporters. It’s time people realize that making the slant-eye gesture is simply not okay.


Source: Daily Mail UK