Seoul To Make Their First Step In Promoting Positive Message Against Plastic Surgery

Seoul Metro has revealed its progressive plans to overhaul its ad space and has been receiving praise for doing so.

At the crux of the new standards of operations is the removal of ads that promote plastic surgery.

Although plastic surgery ads constitute only 1.5% of all ads, it’s been reported that over 91.4% of them in some of the busiest areas target women specifically.

A source inside Seoul Metro cited growing concerns regarding the plastic surgery ads as they promote lookism and sexist definitions of beauty and gender.

Seoul Metro’s already taken steps to halt new contracts with plastic surgery ads, and it aims to get rid of all plastic surgery-related ads by 2022.

Seoul Metro has also put in place a review board with stricter standards regarding advertisements in public spaces.

The new take on advertising in public transit areas is not limited to plastic surgery ads but extends to other areas as well.

In fact, City Hall station has been designated the “Absolute Quite Themed Station”, where 75% of ads will be replaced with art and cultural content.

The policies will take effect gradually but will begin with a few stations this year, including City Hall, Sinseoul-Dong, and Gyeongbokgung stations.

Source: Newsis